Light Studio's philosophy... The object before everything...

Giuseppe Mestrangelo practices his light designer and artist profession in Milan since 1971.
Light Studio, borned in 1994 with the scientific and projectile approach of Alberto Cottarelli, Iskra Mestrangelo and Patrizia Savino, started a new phase in which the research has been focused on exploiting the luminous flux in order to let the studio be working in collaboration with other realities of the sector, until designing and realization of illuminating bodies highly specific.
Today, with a substantial series of illuminating engineering projects realized both in public and private sector, Light Studio constitutes an atypical reality almost unique in the sector, ranking as a landmark for excellence about innovative illuminating engineering. 
What characterize Light Studio is the to approach to illumination issues by keeping an eye on various needs, mong which aesthetic and compositional factors, perception, masterpiece conservation and, last but not least, energy conservation. Everything addressed to the specific location and object needs.




Light Studio philosophy is: the object before everything...


“...we love to think that an object, whether is a paint, a sculpture

a corner of a house or of exhibition area,

should not just be "illuminated".

The object in question has to be always able to express

through the light

its "vitality or drama".

Beyond the techniques and the instruments that have to be used,

our first thought is always addressed at the final perception,

to the result, to the resulting emotions of our work.”




Projecting and consulting in illumination engineering

Illumination of artworks and light hypersensitive materials


Research and exploitation of light flux

Projecting and production of illuminating bodies





Exhibitions, museums, exhibition areas

Interiors and outwards, public and privates


  • Light illuminates defines tells dramatize scenic design, identifies everything that surrounds us.

  • The object, whether a sculpture, a paint or an outfit, bring in itself the reason of its own existence ...and this is our rule, focus first on the project or on the decision of an illuminating tool, on the motivation representing the object, by using the light.

  • Why a XIII century parchment is not illuminated as a Kiefer's artwork or like Kilim's outfit.

  • Variations are innumerable, spacing from illumination engineering factor to representative one, in its most intrinsic peculiarities.

  • A determined pigment exposed to an uncontrolled illuminating radiation causes the deterioration of a a masterpiece, like an outfit in a showroom has to be inspected in its real shape and color shade, in order not to propose to the customer colors and misrepresenting shapes. This is for us our peculiar goal.

  • Unusual for somebody... for us is a rule... first evaluation we do when interfacing with a client is to clearly understand aim... the peculiar goal